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Singing Pass Parka

Design a line of women’s parkas for splitboarders that is equal to men’s in performance without losing its femininity

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Women's winter clothes are either fashionable but not functional, or functional but look either unisex or masculine.


Splitboarders need to carry a number of layers of clothes that they take on and off throughout the day to keep a comfortable temperature.


Going up and down slopes drastically changes how hot or cold they are.


Splitboarding is a combination of snowboarding and cross-country skiing developed to make it easier to snowboard in off-piste. It is used as a normal snowboard when going down runs, but splits into skis that can then be used to ski up to the top of the next slope.

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Parka Sketch Exploration


abrasion resistant fabric

parka lower in back

armpit hole


Inner arm zipper vent

wrist strap

Waist pull string

abrasion resistant fabric

off center zipper adds style

Velcro wrist straps

Cloth with increased abrasion and water protection

Areas with inflatable lining

roll up sleeves

keeps sleeves up

Since a hood gets in the way while splitboarding it has been replaced with a large secondary collar that can be used like a scarf

Dark purple is abrasion resistant/waterproof fabric

Under flap

Reinforcing material is glue bonded to main body

Pocket goes under abrasion resistant fabric

Front edge


Snap holds the flap in place when extra neck protection is needed

Back edge

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Parka Pattern Development

First full-size mock-up with paper added to help decide how to change the pattern

The third mockup has everything correct but the line of the front flap

Second mock-up based on changes from the first mock-up

Last mock-up with the final corrected pattern

Proof of concept model to make sure everything is correct before making the final parka

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How It Works

SPP jacket front.png
SPP jacket back.png

Increased water and abrasion protection

Areas with inflatable insulation in lining

Bottom gaiter to keep heat in and water out

SPP jacket side.png

Tubing connecting the inflatable sections

SPP jacket cells.png

Front View

Parka Lining

Side View

Deflated Insulation

Inflated Insulation

Parka Lining

Inflatable Insulation cells

Inflatable Lining: How it Works

A layer of inflatable cells between the outer material and the lining of the parka inflates to trap more heat making the parka warmer and deflates to trap less heat.


When inflated the jacket stiffens. To retain a full range of motion the inflatable sections do not cover the elbows, shoulders, and waist.

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Singing Pass Parka

Optional Colors

Colors inspired by WSGN predictions

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