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Cute Cubs Changing Pad

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Design a cleaner place to change a diaper

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The need to change a diaper can happen anywhere.


That means sometimes you have to do the changing someplace with less than ideal sanitation.

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How it works

The changing pad reduces the exchange and spread of germs between the baby and the floor in two ways.

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1) Material Choice

The silver infused cloth on the baby side of the pad inhibits bacterial growth.


An outer plastic layer of Sharklet on the ground side of the pad inhibits bacterial growth and makes it easy to wipe down.

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The Sharklet micropattern is inspired by shark skin and is an effective tool for reducing bacterial on surfaces without toxic additives or causing the formation of resistant strains. The micropattern creates physical stress on germs trying to grow on it

Silver interrupts the bacteria cell's ability to form chemical bonds that produce the cell's physical structure. This causes bacteria cells to fall apart. Silver has the most effective antibacterial action and the least toxicity to animal cells of all metals with antimicrobial properties

Padding keeps the baby comfortable on hard floors

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2) Folded Storage

The way the pad folds for storage keeps the top and bottom sides from touching and spreading germs to each other.

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Unfolded Pad

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Folded Pad

Miura Fold

Named for its inventor, Japanese astrophysicist Koryo Miura. The way the fold works lets it unfold in one motion by pulling on opposite corners and refold by pushing opposite corners together.

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A brief look at sustainability

This assignment originally required finding a similar existing product and creating a Life Cycle Assesment flow chart

Munchkin Designer Diaper Change Kit

I chose the Munchkin Designer Diaper Change Kit as a similar product as my diaper pad to study

LCA_munchkin pad v1.png

Munchkin LCA flowchart

I chose the Munchkin Designer Diaper Change Kit as a similar product as my diaper pad to study. This is an overview showing in general what materials and methods are used.

Full-sized and detailed chart

LCA_small lca.png
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