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Silver Senshi Helm

Design and 3D print a multi-part helmet to learn how to use Solidworks and the steps needed to turn a digital model into a physical model. Also to learn when in the design stage to switch from sketching to designing a digital model.

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Mood Board

I grew up on TV shows like Gundam Wing and Power Rangers. With this project, I decided to use those types of shows as inspiration to make a helmet for the leader of a team of heroes.

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The Team

I started with the ideation of the members of the team and what each of their specialties is before choosing one helmet and focusing on it.

The Leader

This helm is designed for the team leader. It has the most advanced communication gear of the group so the leader is always able to stay in touch with everyone and give commands. Otherwise, this is a generalist helmet because a team leader needs to be able to understand and fill any of his teammates' rolls if there is ever the need.

The Ninja

The stealth helm is designed for the hero team’s ninja/stealth expert. This helmet trades off armor protection for speed and invisibility. The helmet is coated in the same material that helps keep SR-71 Blackbird unnoticed. This helmet is made for infiltration missions and has a built-in strobe light to disorient and confuse guards and cameras. There is also a chaff launcher to confuse targeting systems.

The Underwater Expert

The underwater helm is designed for the underwater expert. It has a built-in re-breather so the wearer never has to worry about running out of air. The helmet also automatically tracks movement to help identify the surroundings in the murky ocean depths. The helmet’s horn, inspired by a narwhal’s tusk, is used to take readings and gather data from the surrounding waters.


Communication device

Strobe light disorients enemies

Chaff launcher helps for escapes

Horn used to break ice

Eye automatically tracks movement

Re-breather for underwater use

The Heavey Hitter

The tough helm is designed to be the tank or heavy hitter. While heavy, the helmet is incredibly well armored to protect the wearer. The helmet is large to intimidate those facing it down. The forehead mounted Quantum Illuminator works with the helmet’s HUD to identify the surroundings and differentiate friend from foe. Built-in speakers on the face mask made it easy to communicate with villains and civilians alike without being muffled or risk taking your mask off.

Antenna in head crest

Quantum Illuminator scans surrounding area


Exhaust port

Filters scrub entering air

Communication device in ear

The Lone Revenge Seeker

The helm is designed for the mysterious antihero that grudgingly comes to help out the hero team in times of need. Designed for the single user this helmet is a jack of all trades. It has the capabilities of the other helms, but to a lesser degree.

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Leader Helm Development

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How It Works

Head Mounted Particle Beam

Head crest detaches for boomerang attack

Energy Crystal

Visor with HUD

Face mask slides off because civilians are more trusting when they can see at least part of your face.

Inner padding protects head from kinetic forces.

Inner lining removable for easy cleaning.

Buttons and knob control HUD interface.

Overlapping plates protect neck while without limiting motion.

The Silver Senshi Helmet is designed for the leader of a team of heroes. To be put on the helmet is split down the sides, pivoting on a hinge on top. The face mask section slides off making it easier to talk to civilians without scaring them. By being able to see that the wearer is human and smiling calms them down and makes it more likely they will follow instructions.

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Final Photos and Renderings

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Demonstration Video

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