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Border Collie Work Boots

This project is still in progress. Currently, the boots have been handed off to a professional shepherd to use with her dog to get real data and feedback on the boots so they can be improved and the process repeated until the shoes are perfected.

Southern California is tough on a dog's feet. Between foxtails, hot and rough ground, and sharp rocks, a dog's feet can easily become bloody and raw. The answer to this is dog boots, but no currently existing dog book works well enough to address these problems.

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Asphalt Burns

Many people don’t realize how hot asphalt really is. When the temperature is only 77 degrees Fahrenheit, asphalt can be up to 125 degrees and burn a dogs foot in 60 seconds.

Hidden Foxtails

Foxtails get caught in a dogs fur and if ignored, or unnoticed, they can dig into a dog causing cuts and infections.

Competitive Sheep Herding

Competitive Sheep Herding is a dog sport where trained dogs move sheep around a field, fences, gates, or enclosures as directed by their handlers.

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A Study of Border Collies Movement

A Study of Border Collies Movement

Image of owner bending each joint of her Border Collies front leg to highlight where each joint is and how it bends.

Study of a Border Collie Running

Each Leg is represented in a different color with circles indication where the joints are. Compare these images to the ones below to see how when running more of the dog's foot touches the ground then when walking. Also, notice that all 4 legs will be in the air at the same time.

Study of Border Collie Walking

Study of Border Collie walking. Body more upright and two feet are always touching the ground.

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Sketching to understand how the boots should physically work

Full size sketches over border collie foot underlay

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Foot and Dog Boot Last Casting

Using a casting I made from my friend's Border Collie to size the boot sole

Plaster dog shoe last made by casting the inside of an existing dog boot. Here it is covered in tape so I can draw out what shape and where the fabric for the boot will be.

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Current Stage In Process

The current design, seen here, Is simple to put on and does not slip down the leg like many existing dog shoes do.

The current design does have problems that will be improved in the next design cycle. The toes of the boot are too short and loose, letting the toe slip out of the boot. While the process for securely strapping the foot and leg in works, the ankle and straps need to be lengthened to allow a greater difference in leg size.

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