Viscom for Wearables

This class is an intro sketching different types of materials and clothing styles on live models utilizing both analog sketching and digital sketching with photoshop and Wacom tablet. Drawing sessions covered body proportion, drawing action, and detail studies of heads, hands, and feet. The class introduced illustrating clothing and accessories of all types and decorative embellishments. Projects explored manual and digital fashion illustration methods with emphasis on illustrating fabric patterns, textures, and drape.

Trend Forecasting

For the class, we choose one style forecast from the trending forecasting company WGSN. I choose Freestyle, a forecast for men and young men in Autumn/Winter of 2019/2020. It had the most interesting palette of colors to me. Below is a short description of the trend and it’s color pallets taken directly from WSGN

Personal Mood Board and Outfits

Homework the first week was to make a personal mood board and then sketch ten outfits inspired by it.

Personal Mood Board

Personal Design Outfits

Weekly in-class sketches

Each week we spent most of the class sketching different types of wearables. Then for homework, we would enhance the sketches and layout in Photoshop. Most of the sketching was done with live models.

Sports and action wear with a male model.

Sports and action wear with a female model.

Heads, hats, sunglasses with my own head as a model

Hands and feet. No model

Textiles: lace, sheer, soft thin fabrics. No model

Textiles: Metallics & Shine. No model

Corsets and hoop skirts with a female model

We also did quick sketches to explore what other things can be done with a hoop skirt.

Art Nouveau & Art Deco with a female model

50’s New Look with a female model

Original Design

For the final, we designed our own pattern that is inspired by and uses the colors from the FreeStyle trend forecast.

Mood board made from the FreeStyle forecast

From the mood board, I found these three images the most interesting. I like their bold colors and overlapping geometric shapes. That idea inspired my final pattern.

Final Pattern

Color Optons

Dress Ideation

Final pattern and dress